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A bollard is a sturdy, short, vertical post that normally being used in traffic condition. Although it is originally being described as a post on a ship or quay that is used principally for mooring boats, the word is now being used, primarily in British English, in order to describe posts that are being installed to control road traffic and posts designed in order to prevent ram raiding and car ramming attacks.

The traffic cones are usually cone-shaped markers that are commonly being placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe and proper manner. They are often being used in order to create separation or merge lanes especially what you will see especially during road construction projects or automobile accidents, although heavier, more permanent markers or signs are being used if the diversion is decided to stay in place for a long period of time.

The traffic elastic pole however is commonly being used in order to restraint certain area from being trespassed for example when you are not allowed to make U-turn or you can’t use certain ways to make different exit for certain ways. Using these poles, it is easier to direct the traffic exiting to many different ways and this is important to avoid accident from happening due to uncontrolled traffic paths.

The adjustable parking pole is currently being used to avoid a certain area from being entered by a car and sometimes you can also see this parking pole when you enter the driving school because they are also being used in order for students to train themselves on how they can learn to get through obstacles.

The advantages and benefits of our products when they are being compared to other products in the market are among them:

  • Optimum resilience
  • High elasticity and stretch strength
  • Products are immune to corrosion
  • Effective in tropical climate
  • Are an excellent water resistant
  • Good color stability and excellent decorative design

Among the variations of bollards that you can find from our company includes:

  • FRP bollard which comes in black color only
  • Metal bollard in orange and white color but the options come with or without hook

The company provides essential traffic cones to enable the traffic control management procedures to be carried efficiently during accidents, redirection of traffic when there are construction works ahead and for many other circumstance for example through the supply of traffic cones which are divided to 4 different categories which all comes in one color only which is orange:

  • TC18
  • TC30
  • TC40
  • Super cone

The same goes to for the traffic poles products which only come in one variation that includes:

  • Elastic pole that comes in one color which is orange.

For the adjustable parking pole you can get it from us in these variations that we currently have in our inventory:

  • Adjustable parking pole (square)
  • Adjustable parking pole (round)

So in order for you to get this service that will not only satisfy what you need and made a proper safety precaution for the community you can also call us now in order to enquire the type of services and solutions that you require so that we could prepare something that is tailor-made for your requirement, and also get your traffic control system with us for a proper traffic control management procedures.