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If you’ve ever try to consider whether if there is an easy-to-maintain, industrial-grade flooring option, we bet that there’s an epoxy solution which is right for you! At Performance Industrial, there might be few offers over 30 different epoxy and industrial flooring systems. Here are a few of the most popular:

Self-Leveling Epoxy Floors – Self-leveling epoxy is normally being applied over new, old, cracked, or at the damaged concrete floors in order to create a smooth, seamless, durable, and low maintenance flooring surface. The self-leveling system is also normally available in a variety of colors. Colors that are used in order to make decorative designs, denote traffic patterns, or highlight work zones in industrial settings. This system is commonly being used when you need aesthetic appeal and/or abrasion, chemical, heat or slip resistance.

The following are commonly some of the main benefits of choosing self-leveling epoxy floors:

  • High scratch and impact resistance
  • Chemical and heat resistance
  • Slip resistant, even when wet
  • High gloss, appealing finish
  • Easy to clean smooth, seamless finish
  • Attractive, bright color options
  • Variable thicknesses for versatile application

PU coated fabric is being made up of a synthetic woven base fabric (usually polyester or nylon) with a waterproofing procedures through polyurethane coating or laminate. The polyurethane coating is normally been applied to a single side of the base fabric, this makes the fabric currently water resistant, light weight and flexible.

  • Polyurethane coatings can be applied to many surface materials, including wood, metal and plastic, and virtually any type of flooring surface.
  • A primary benefit of using polyurethane coatings is the protection it provides the surface itself.
  • Since polyurethane doesn’t emit any vapors that may be harmful to people, animals or the environment, the choice to use it comes at little risk overall.
  • Ease of Application

The line of extra heavy duty epoxy flooring & other coatings normally offers benefits that will include these things as following:

  • Exceptionally high compressive strength.
  • High impact resistant toppings.
  • Unparalleled abrasion resistant coatings with aluminum oxide content.

The industrial flooring protection can be applied to any prepared mineral surface in two coats and is self-priming. This rapid curing floor protection coating normally will offers you with much longer term durability for floors in an industrial or commercial environment, as well as a UV stable gloss finish.

In any industrial or in the commercial setting, it’s extremely important that you pick on the right flooring choice that is made right from the very start. Unlike in a domestic setting, the focus shouldn’t be on which flooring option that would look the best – although this should be thought about, too – but more on which option that is considered to be more suitable for your needs.

Among the products that you can find from the range that we are offering are:

  • Self-leveling epoxy system
  • Epoxy/P.U coating
  • Heavy duty epoxy coating

So in order for you to get this service that will not only satisfy what you need and made a proper safety precaution for the community you can also call us now in order to enquire the type of services and solutions that you require so that we could prepare something that is tailor-made for your requirement, and also get your traffic control system with us for a proper traffic control management procedures.