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A “sports court” actually means that refers to any hardscape area of dimensions which normally exceeding twenty feet by thirty feet, including, but not really limited to, tennis courts, handball courts and racquetball courts, but excluding pools and driveways used exclusively for access to a garage.

There are a few of positive benefits that you will get by installing the sport court system in your house such as:

  • Convenient -located right outside your door
  • Available 24/7 – no waiting for court time
  • Encourages Physical Fitness – keeps you from becoming a couch potato and improves health
  • Builds Social Skills – playing with friends benefits a child’s social development
  • Strengthens Family Bonds – getting together for play and a little friendly competition brings a family closer together
  • Practice Makes Perfect – allows athletes to hone their skills

An anti-slip is when the floor of especially a court when people are playing games are being designed to prevent slips or to be resistant to slipping placed an anti-slip mat in the shower.

The benefits that you will be getting from using the anti-slip flooring for your sport court are quite a lot for examples:

  • It will help to save money for you by reducing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents and litigation at your work place and public places. At the home it prevents a serious slip injury to loved ones on slippery floor.
  • Assist managers, owners, employers with compliance with relevant OH&S and other floor safety regulations, standards and acts.
  • A non-slip floor surface will ensure that all of your staff, visitors and clients will have a safe and happy environment, ensuring the increases in productivity.

ECOMAS also successfully produce such product in the waterproofing industry for the purpose of industrial and also residential that people could continue to put their trust on for a quality product and service that will not be disappointing. Among the products that are produced by them for the waterproofing industry are:

  • Sport court system
  • Ant-slipping

The advantages and benefits of our products compared to other are among them:

  • Optimum resilience
  • High elasticity and stretch strength
  • Products are immune to corrosion
  • Effective in tropical climate
  • Are an excellent water resistant

So in order for you to get this service that will not only satisfy what you need and made a proper safety precaution for the community you can also call us now in order to enquire the type of services and solutions that you require so that we could prepare something that is tailor-made for your requirement, and also get your traffic control system with us for a proper traffic control management procedures.